Technology We Use

We use the most up to date technology that implements the latest, least error prone algorithms

At Belfox, we don’t place an emphasis on the technology we use. We let the kind of dataset that we are analyzing pick the tools for us.

In general, most of our projects are tackled with R and Python with pandas.

However, our data science toolbox contains a plethora of tools. If you need a project done with a particular tool, we would gladly oblige.

Here is a sketch of the tools our teams use from specific use cases.

Use Case Tool
Data Collection Scripts in R and Python, Embedded Systems
Tidying the Data R, Python
Exploratory Analysis R, Python
Statistical Modelling and Inference CRAN, pandas
Prediction and Machine Learning CRAN, pandas
Data Visualization GGPlots, pandas
Data Product Development Shiny, .NET Framework, Django, Python QT
Reporting Jupyter Notebooks, R Markdown, Latex
Data Storage MySQL, CSVs, SQlite
Big Data Hadoop Infrastructure

Dealing with Big Data

In some case, the data is too large for traditional data analysis tools. In such cases, we engage the power of the Hadoop infrastructure – A multi parallel data processing infrastructure for all our needs including machine learning and prediction.