Data Consultancy Services

Make optimal use of the data generated within your organization, manufacturing process or business process.

At Belfox, we use the best team, tools and ideas to find trends, patterns, and connections within your data. We use a purely scientific based approach to data analytics. Our Results are 100% reproducible (Higher than industry standards).

Are you a researcher looking for help on your project? We could help you collects data via the internet with scripts, logs. We could also set up physical automated hardware to help you gather data in the real world.

Are you a company hoping to boost sales? Data Analytics would get to the nitty-gritty of your customer data to find existing customers in need of help and helps identify potential customers. We can tell you if your advert campaigns are worth their money or even help optimize that advert campaign or any other business process that where optimization is needed (The data can pinpoint this)

We just don’t do analysis and dump a bunch of reports on your desk. At your request, we could build our solution into a data product that runs on the Web, Desktop or mobile platforms. Data products helps with automation and dynamic data visualization and analysis.

From individual to large corporate projects, we offer a wide range of data consultancy services. We practically hold your hand from the start to the finish line.

Data Mining

Finding meaning within the data

Data MiningThe core of our consultancy. This is want clients come to us for the most. With a purely science based approach, we would mine your data sets, whether large or small for hidden gems. Sometimes we find nothing and we are honest about that. The absence of a pattern is a pattern in itself.

Data Products Development

Includes Data Visualization and Reporting

Data Products DevelopmentNo analysis is complete without a way to properly communicate the results. In most cases, A report or presentation is enough. In other cases, especially where dynamic data is involved the solution obtained from the analysis phase need to be implemented into a data product that is easily assessable. Here we develop an app that implements the models and algorithms developed rich with data visualization.

Data Collection

Getting and Cleaning the Data

Data CollectionNot every organization has available data on hand. Sometimes, the data is in a raw format which needs to be cleaned into a tidy data set before use. Other times, the data might not even exist and it might be up to us to find and collect this data ourselves. Whichever your case may be, do not be alarmed, we have you covered!

Modelling and Algorithms

Includes Optimizations and Algorithm design

Modelling and AlgorithmsIn most cases new models and algorithms are needed to analyze critical datasets. Our team of scientists and engineers are savvy in creating use case models with high or low sensitivity as the need requires. Optimization algorithms are a also critical as they could help interpret and implement the results of the data analysis.

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